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About Erk Shipping!

Our company, which was founded on 2000, has been continuously working as a strait agency since its establishment not only  by providing the necessary agency services for the vessels that transit the passages of Dardanelle and Bosphorus Straits but also working actively at all ports of Turkey. For years, our company has prioritized its customers’ satisfaction and has focused on providing the best service in the shortest time possible. 

In addition to meeting all the requirements of the vessels (chiefly technical support, provision and publication supplies) on the passage of Bosphorus Strait, on İstanbul Anchorage and on any port of Turkey; our company, with its competetive prices, has expanded its customers’ portfolio day by day. 

Our priority has always been the satisfaction of the companies we work with in regards to their contenment with the quality of our services.

Ship Provisions Supply

  • The Shipping Agency Turkey carries out all types of the food supply and kitchen equipments and the fruits and vegetables are daily and delivered as extremely fresh to the ship and all kinds of meat and the meat products, as well as the dry food and the products of every kind of food, you can think of, can be supplied


Ship Materials Supply

  • Materials Supply

    The Shipping Agency in Turkey, carries out the supply of fresh water that have been requested, in Istanbul ship anchorage area / in Izmit ship anchorage area / in Eskihisar ship anchorage area and in Ambarlı ship anchorage area.